Ferrotech Oy manufactures components and makes assemblies of various kind of machines and equipment. We have strong know-how related to effective production methods and newest materials.

We are operating in 2500 m2 production facilities with the length of 100 m assembly hall. The whole production space is covered with two separate 16t overhead cranes. Our production is equipped with different scales of CNC-machine tools and manual devices as well as with comprehensive assortment of standard metal work shop equipment and accessories.

We also take care of the service if needed. We have special know-how and experience about different kinds of sheet metal processing equipment, their modernization and maintenance.

Our key personnel have been involved with more than 300 project/equipment deliveries to over 20 different countries, related to sheet metal processing. We know exactly, how this business works and what needs to be done to reach long-term and successful results.